If you prefer an Android phone over an iPhone, we think the best smartwatch you can get is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. Amazon, Best Buy, and Samsung are all selling the 40mm size for $219 right now, which is the same price as when we saw the lowest price ever earlier this year.

In our guide to smartwatches, we chose this one as the best Android option. In our review, we gave it an 85 because it has a solid build, a lot of health tracking features, and a clean design that looks much more like a traditional watch than the square Apple Watch.

The Watch 5 doesn’t look too different from its predecessor. It still has clean lines and a simple design, but the Sapphire Crystal glass on the front is now stronger. Cherlynn Low, who did our study, found that the Galaxy Watch 5 tracked sleep better than an Apple Watch.

It also does a better job of tracking exercise than other WearOS-based devices. It can quickly tell when you’re moving and suggest that you record it. The battery will last a little more than a full day, and it charges quickly, so a 30-minute charge will give you another half day of power.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro: Details about Samsung's next flagship smartwatch  emerge with a sapphire glass and titanium build - NotebookCheck.net News

Better, curved sensors get closer to your skin to measure your body makeup and take an EKG, which helps you keep track of your health better.

And, of course, it works well with your Android phone, letting you control your music, get notifications, respond to messages, and navigate with your wrist.

The 44mm Galaxy Watch 5 is also on sale for people with bigger bands or who just want a bigger screen.

Amazon is selling it for $249, which is $60 less than when it first came out last year and the lowest price it has ever been sold for. Best Buy and Samsung are both matching that deal right now, so you can buy from them if you’d rather.

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