The Samsung Galaxy S23 series was just released, and already a few problems and one display issue have been reported. Now, numerous Galaxy S23 Ultra owners say that their devices lack WiFi internet access.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Connected but No Internet issue

Several Reddit and Samsung Community forum postings indicate that the Galaxy S23 Ultra suffers WiFi connectivity troubles. The phone appears to connect to WiFi without internet connectivity. In the unlikely event that it does connect, the connection is short-lived. The majority of users claim that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the only device with this issue, while other gadgets in their home function normally.

The prevalent assumption holds that only WiFi 6 routers are susceptible to this issue. WiFi 6 against 802. 11ax is a new wireless technology generation, and it goes without saying that not everybody has a WiFi 6 router. Some customers have routers with the more recent WiFi 6E technology, while the majority continue to utilise regular routers.

For some users, disabling Wi-Fi 6 and the encryption standard WPA3 has resolved the issue. For some Galaxy S23 Ultra owners, a factory reset also remedied the issue. An individual proposed disabling the random MAC address and switching to the phone’s MAC address.

Samsung is reportedly aware of the issue and working on a solution. A Samsung representative reportedly promised a Reddit user that the next update would fix the problem. At the time the update is released, early adopters of the Galaxy S23 Ultra will no longer be eligible for a refund. If the patch does not work and the problem persists, which is rare, the best course of action would be to file a warranty claim. For the time being, affected consumers must rely on mobile data.

Andrew Myrick, author of Android Central, states that he has encountered the issue on his Galaxy S23 Ultra and that the update released in February 2023 has improved the condition to some extent.

It is unclear exactly how many units are affected, but the number does not appear to be insignificant, as customers have reported seeing the issue on many devices.

This is nothing out of the norm, thus it is unlikely that this will hinder the Galaxy S23 Ultra from becoming one of the best phones of the year.

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