• Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the company wants to add features to its main search engine that use artificial intelligence to understand conversations.
  • In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Pichai said that improvements in AI would help Google answer more search queries.
  • Reports that said chatbots hurt Google’s search business, which brings in more than half of the company’s revenue, were dismissed by Pichai as false.
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  • Pichai wants to follow Google’s lead in making computer programs called “large language models” (LLMs) that can understand and respond to natural-language queries with prose that sounds like it was written by a person.

It's time for Sundar Pichai to step up and be more clear about Google's A.I. search plans

  • Microsoft Corp.’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Bing search engine already uses the technology behind the ChatGPT system. This is one of the biggest threats to Google’s core business in years, and Pichai is also being pushed to cut costs. Alphabet said in January that it would cut 12,000 jobs or 6% of its staff.
  • The WSJ says that Microsoft thinks it will make $2 billion for every percentage point it gains in the search market, where Google has more than 90% of the market.
  • Google is trying out a number of new search features, such as ones that let people ask follow-up questions to their original searches.
  • Google has started testing new AI features in Gmail and other work-related products, and Microsoft has added AI to some of its business software tools beyond Bing.
  • Pichai said that Google Brain and DeepMind would work more closely together to build big algorithms to make Bard better.
  • Like Microsoft, Google wants to grow its business by using the money it spends on AI models.
  • When asked why the company didn’t make a chatbot sooner, Pichai said that Google was still looking for the right market.
  • At the last check on Thursday, the price of GOOG shares had gone up by 2.37 percent, to $107.44.

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