The highly popular Motorola MA1 has been on the market for some time, but substantial discounts have not been offered until now. The MSRP for the Motorola MA1 Android Auto wireless car adapter has been reduced from $90 to $70. That’s twenty dollars that you’re free to spend as you like. Oh, and you actually receive an MA1 as well, which is saying something.

During testing, we discovered that the Motorola MA1 is a trustworthy companion in the car, as it effortlessly paired with all of the phones we used it with. We observed no latency when streaming content from the phone to the car’s display, which is to be expected given that the system is compatible with 5GHz Wi-Fi. There were hiccups, but we attributed them to standard Android Auto faults that occur even when your phone is connected by cable.

With the Motorola MA1, you never have to plug your phone into your car again. Place it in your pocket or backpack and continue with your day. It’s one less step to do while driving, which might be crucial in a rush. In addition, you may simply store the dongle wherever the USB ports are placed, making your vehicle neater. The only disadvantage we could identify is that your phone’s battery drains much faster. However, this should not prevent you from removing the bothersome cables that are inconvenient when shifting gears.

The Motorola MA1 has been in high demand for over a year, with stores sometimes running out of stock. And it is at the retail price of $90.00. The fact that we spotted the Motorola MA1 on sale for $70 at Best Buy and Amazon is therefore fantastic. Buying the Motorola Android Auto dongle from Best Buy includes a three-month trial for Google One with 100GB of available storage space.

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