Time magazine reports that people in the United States have flocked to Temu, a Boston-based shopping app that has become the most downloaded app due to its “amazing” assortment of products and prices.

According to Time magazine’s article titled “The Truth About Temu, America’s Most Downloaded New App,” Temu was popular among many homes during the crucial holiday shopping season towards the end of the year.

A recent Temu convert is Katy Benetti, a 68-year-old office manager at a storage facility in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. She was only browsing the Temu website when she added 14 products totaling $90 to her shopping cart. After receiving her order within 7 to 15 business days, she returned for Christmas shopping and spent $223 on 34 items.

She told the Journal, “I believe I will be shopping there from now on because it has everything.”

Temu via its mobile application and website. Temu has successfully accelerated its user growth by encouraging its users to exchange referral links with their friends and family. Temu reliably ships between 7 to 15 business days after a verified order.

The Wall Street Journal reported separately that the Temu app had 10.8 million installations since its inception in September, making it the top downloaded mobile app in any category between November 1 and December 14, according to statistics from the analytics firm Sensor Tower.

Temu Is a Reputable Platform

Temu is the most recent endeavour of PDD Holdings, a Nasdaq-listed international commerce firm with a market capitalization greater than $100 billion with the ticker symbol PDD. PDD Holdings has gathered expertise and resources in worldwide commerce and trade, including a network of more than 11 million international brands and suppliers, during the previous decade.

PDD Holdings provides financial and operational support for Temu’s expansion. According to its SEC filings as of September 30, 2022, the publicly traded parent firm reported a trailing 12-month profit of US$5.2 billion on US$17 billion in revenue, with US$17.2 billion in cash.

In addition to its expertise in logistics and supply chain management, the firm serves over 900 million people worldwide and processes over 200 million shipments per day.

Temu may have been able to avoid some of the typical growing pains associated with new e-commerce platforms thanks to the logistics fulfilment expertise of its parent firm. Temu has received a rating of 4.6 stars in the Google Play app market and 4.5 stars on the Apple App Store.

According to Time, Temu is “very much a real platform” featuring a selection of “actual, heavily discounted products,” including wireless Lenovo earphones ($8.98), computer keyboards ($15), and socks ($1.69 for five pairs).

“The variety of products and prices is astonishing,” stated Time. According to a magazine story, using Temu’s referral programme, many new customers obtain free presents “without even providing their credit card information.”

Temu Empowers Users

Annette Parks is representative of the millions of customers who have shopped on Temu and suggested the website to their friends and family so that they, too, may take advantage of the attractive items and rates.

“I have used other shopping apps in the past, and they were either pricey, had longer-than-usual shipping periods, lost packages, or offered products of inferior quality,” Parks wrote in an app store review on December 8.

“I can tell you that I just purchased a number of goods on Temu, all of which are of superior quality and are priced significantly less than anywhere else I’ve shopped. I must also mention that my orders have come in record time (in about a week). I particularly enjoy the flash sales and free shipping “She wrote the text.

Brianna Lukey, a resident of Fort Worth, Texas, is among the several users who have benefited. She claims to have received $200 worth of free things through Temu and learned about the programme a month ago from a friend.

Luke marketed Temu on Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat, persuading his friends to join the application. Lukey received credits, which she used to purchase a ring lamp, an oil diffuser, necklaces, and a mouse and keyboard for her daughter for her little business, Array of Aura’s.

“I am aware that many things that circulate may not be legitimate. However, this was, “She said to Time.

Temu has stated that it will use its platform to give consumers “the most cost-effective products with the highest levels of transparency and customer service.” Temu claims that its platform would enable vendors to be more responsive to consumer needs by providing them with greater access to direct client input.

According to Temu, “Temu is positioning itself at the forefront of the next wave of e-commerce, which we believe will go beyond disintermediating or optimising the manufacturing supply chain to match individual needs and desires with global resources and deliver them efficiently.” This transition will result in the formation of countless new firms, which Temu is prepared to support and facilitate.

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