On March 23, Huawei held a major launch event. The Chinese company showed off a few new products at the event. Huawei released the Huawei P60 Series, the Huawei MatePad 11 2023, the Huawei Freebuds, and the Huawei Watch Ultimate, which is the best premium watch.

As you may already know, Huawei is very good at coming up with new ideas and making products of high quality. Huawei already sells a few smartwatches that can last for a long time. The battery life is one of the best things about Huawei watches. If Huawei says 10 days, that’s how long it will take. And you can use the 10 days of battery life all the time for a very long time.

I have a Huawei Watch that I’ve been using for the past three years. I still get 14 days out of one charge. I had to put away my other smart watches because of this.

Huawei’s new smart watch is the best one they’ve ever made. It has a longer battery life and a better design. Huawei said that the Watch ultimate can be submerged to a depth of 100 meters, which is crazy.

The Huawei Watch Ultimate Is Better Than The Apple Watch Ultra Because It Can Handle 24 Hours of Deep Seawater

When Apple released the Apple Watch Ultra, it said it could be submerged to a depth of 40 meters. This new idea was a very interesting thing. The new watch from Huawei can go over 2x deeper, which is great news for the wearables industry. Huawei says it can also work for 25 hours under water.

Specs of The Huawei Watch Ultimate

A 1.5-INCH LTPO AMOLED Display is built into the Huawei Watch Ultimate. It has a refresh rate that can change from 1Hz to 60Hz. It has a 530mAh battery that can keep going for up to 14 days on a single charge. Even if you use the Watch Ultimate a lot and have all of its sensors turned on, it can still last for 8 days.

The Huawei Watch Ultimate Is Better Than The Apple Watch Ultra Because It Can Handle 24 Hours of Deep Seawater

Qi wireless charging is built into the Huawei Watch Ultimate. This means you can use any wireless charger to charge. If you use the charger that came with the watch, it should take 60 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%.

The smartwatch also has the usual sensors, like ones that measure blood oxygen, heart rate, stress, and ECG.

The best thing about the Watch is that it can stand up to water. It has 16 water-resistant parts that help it stand up to the pressure of the deep sea. Huawei even tried this out by making the Watch waterproof to the ISO 22810 standard.

The company also put it through the EN13319 test for devices and equipment. This was done to make sure that the Watch could stay underwater for 24 hours at a depth of 110 meters.

The Expedition Mode is another cool thing to talk about. This feature was made for people who like to go on adventures in the great outdoors. It makes accurate maps by using dual-frequency five-system GNSS positioning technology. If you want to explore the wilderness, you can set waypoints that will help you get around.

The Huawei Watch Ultimate’s case is made of a liquid metal based on zirconium. You can also get the strap in hydrogenated nitrile rubber. Ceramic is also used for the bezel on the front. The Watch Ultimate has sapphire glass to protect the 1.5-inch screen.

Availability and Price of The Huawei Watch Ultimate

Europe and the United Kingdom will get the Huawei Watch Ultimate. Huawei said that the Watch will be available on April 3. It will come in two different ways. It comes with a plastic strap and is called Expedition Black. And Voyage Blue, which has a strap that is made of metal.

Huawei has announced that the prices in China are CNY5,999 ($880, €800, £710) and CNY6,999 ($1,025, €940, £830). The company will talk about prices around the world later.

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