While on the surface it appears to be a simple marketing injection designed to boost interest in the six-month-old iPhone 14 until the release of the iPhone 15, I have a hunch that Apple’s colour refresh does more than just provide a new option for iPhone buyers.

Cupertino’s “spring colour” tradition dates back to 2020, when a bright purple iPhone 12 was added to the iPhone 12 series (many loved this one). Then, in the spring of 2022, the iPhone 13 lineup was expanded with the addition of a dark green model, and now it’s time for the biggest Minion fans to rejoice, as they receive a summer-looking bright yellow iPhone!

Clearly, I do not require a yellow iPhone. No one does. In fact, no one requires a black, white, purple, red, or blue iPhone, as 95 percent of us use phone cases. But when I saw the iPhone in yellow, it… spoke to me. It’s so bright and new… So… needlessly fresh-looking!

Obviously, I quickly recalled that I already own an iPhone 13 (red, not yellow). Then I immediately thought of the iPhone 15, which will be released in six months, and how it is shaping up to be a much better buy than the iPhone 14, which may be Apple’s worst upgrade ever (a different story on that is in the works).

But for now, here are a few reasons why you should be a bit more cautious with Apple’s colourful mind games. Also included is some practical advice (from personal experience) on how to maintain the appearance of your old iPhone without spending another $800 on a yellow paint job – if you’re that crazy.

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