It is common to receive a phone call from a recognised number. In such situations, you are likely curious about unknown callers. It may be a prankster, an old acquaintance, a telemarketer, an automated dialer, or a stalker. Finding out who called you would allow you to take the appropriate action, such as calling the number back or blocking it to prevent future calls.

There are numerous phone lookup tools, making selection difficult. Following is a hand-picked list of the Top Who Called Me From This Number Websites, complete with pros, cons, popular features, key specifications, and website links.

1) Intelius

Best for Providing customers with a high level of security and privacy

Intelius is one of the best websites for conducting a reverse phone lookup to determine who called. This platform for conducting reverse phone lookups contains extensive databases compiled from reputable sources.

When a user enters an unidentified phone number, the system automatically retrieves the person’s or company’s identity. It reports relevant details like the name, address, age, possible relatives, and the user’s type of phone. A quick search on the website will reveal the location, line type, and carrier of an unknown number for free.


  • The anonymity of their subscribers
  • Unlimited searches for paying customers
  • Reliable user data in seconds
  • Follows Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

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2) TruthFinder

Best For Researching Extra Information

TruthFinder is a people search engine that provides access to comprehensive public record searches. It can be used to locate a person’s criminal history and contact information. The website also includes a reverse phone lookup function that reveals the identity of unknown callers. The reverse phone lookup shows who the number belongs to and whether the call was from a landline or mobile phone.

TruthFinder is available for free download on iOS and Android. In-app purchases provide access to additional features and data not available in the free version. It’s also integrated with Facebook, giving you more accurate information about a particular contact.


  • Reverse phone lookup helps identify unknown calls made from landlines or cell phones.
  • Public records search: It provides detailed information from public databases, including criminal records, social media profiles, and contact information.
  • Facebook integration: This tool gives you more information about a particular contact.
  • People’s search: This engine helps you find someone’s criminal record and contact information.

3) PeopleFinders

Best For Getting the Name of the Caller with Detailed Report

PeopleFinders is a business directory that is used to provide information on businesses. The provided report contains company addresses, websites, email addresses, and telephone numbers. In addition to business information, they offer reverse phone lookup and social media profiles.

As an online directory, this website provides users with an alternative method for locating business information. Therefore, you don’t need to search for information on different websites. The website also features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to locate instant results.


  • Phone number lookup services: This feature lets you know who called you from a specific phone number.
  • Public record: You can search for criminal, marriage, and divorce records.
  • Address search: Helps to know who lives at a particular address and the owner’s contact information.
  • A business directory: It provides business information, such as company addresses for local and international businesses.

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4) Instant Checkmate

Best For Offering the most extensive reverse phone directory

Instant checkmate is a leading provider of public information, offering details on both deceased and living individuals. It provides comprehensive information in a single location, saving hours of background checks. This application helps you avoid receiving telemarketing calls by blocking them once their phone number is identified or by redialing missed calls from known callers.

Included in the report are profiles on social media platforms and contact information. The site also offers a reverse phone lookup that helps you know more about the person who called you.


  • Background check: The feature includes social media profiles and contact information in one place.
  • Reverse phone lookup services: It helps to know more about an unknown caller.
  • People search: This is a convenient way to find someone’s criminal record and make contact requests if they aren’t on your phone book.
  • An inmate search helps you locate an inmate, convict, or prisoner.

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5) Spokeo

Best Overall apps for identifying callers

Spokeo is one of the most effective ways to determine who called you from an unidentified number. It is a free search engine used on mobile phones and web browsers that will give you the details of any person in the USA. You can obtain search results without registering on the website.

Your actions on the site are anonymous and cannot be monitored by a third party. Your IP addresses are concealed, and the site is secure for use. Spokeo states that all the records are collected from public resources such as birth certificates, criminal records databases, and phone bills. Legality of the search process is ensured by the fact that all information gathered and displayed in search results is publicly accessible.

The search report will contain caller ID information, family members, known associates, phone numbers, age and date of birth, traffic tickets, and email addresses.


  • An address lookup: It identifies who lives at a particular address. You can see the person’s name, social profile, and contact information.
  • Reverse phone lookup: Let’s you know who is calling from a specific number.
  • An email search: This feature provides extra information and details about an individual.
  • Public record search: You can access a person’s criminal records, marriage records, divorce records, etc.


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