Sony and Honda may be working on a way to give people more entertainment on the go. One idea is to add PlayStation 5 support to electric cars in the future. In an interview with the Financial Times, Izumi Kawanishi, president and chief operating officer of Sony Honda Mobility, said that the PS5 could be built into cars.

The console and other Sony services are part of a bigger plan to make an electric car with more entertainment features to compete with Tesla and other electric cars. “People are moved by Sony’s content, services, and entertainment technologies. We are making these assets mobile, and this is our advantage over Tesla,” Kawanishi told the Financial Times.

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Yasuhide Mizuno, the CEO of Sony Honda Mobility, said that future hardware “will be geared toward the entertainment and network we want to offer.” The Financial Times also says that these new models, which are expected to come out in 2025, will include entertainment content in the process of making them.

This year, Sony and Honda started working together, and Kawanashi said that part of their plan is to make progress in “autonomous driving.” The COO said that fully autonomous driving isn’t quite ready yet and that technology “will have to change a lot” before they can reach their goal.

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The 10 Best Steam Deck Games

The Suspect In The Gay Nightclub Shooting Faces Murder And Hate Crime Charges!

There are already a few ways to play games in your electric car, thanks to the market. Tesla owners can play old games like Sonic the Hedgehog, which came out in 1991. The hardware in the Model X and Model S cars is powerful enough to run The Witcher 3.

The company has also tried to get its cars to work with Steam. If Sonic and waiting until 2025 for Sony-Honda don’t appeal to you, you can always use Tesla’s new in-car karaoke system, or you could just bring a Steam Deck.

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