Several early users of the Galaxy S23 Ultra are complaining about a screen issue on their new device.

According to posts on Reddit, Twitter, and Samsung Community forums, there is an issue with the display. Specifically, the display appears to have a small malformation. The majority of afflicted customers have observed the apparent fault on the bottom-left or bottom-right sides, however others have observed it on both sides.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is an extremely costly gadget at $1,200, so users have every reason to be concerned about the screen distortion issue.

Thankfully, there is nothing to be concerned about. In response to a Twitter user who experienced the issue on two Galaxy S23 Ultra devices, Samsung UK clarified that this is not a defect and that some parts of the display may appear to be compressed due to the screen’s multiple layers of glass, which are bonded together to ensure water and dust resistance.

In short, although the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s bottom corners may give the impression that the device is damaged, this is not the case. In most instances, you must examine very closely or use a bright light to even see the issue, and some people do not mind it.

Traces of stacked lines on the display are a typical occurrence on Samsung phones; the firm even has a special page explaining that this is not a product defect.

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