“Magic Eraser,” one of the coolest photo-editing capabilities on the Google Pixel, is now available on other Android and iOS smartphones. Yet it will not be gratis. Google announced today that the popular application, which employs artificial intelligence to remove undesired information from photographs, will be made available to Google One members in addition to Pixel owners. Subscribers to Google One will also gain a modest number of additional editing tools, including a new HDR video effect, special collage Styles, and more.

The original purpose of the Google One subscription was to pay for additional cloud storage for services such as Pictures, Docs, and Gmail. In recent years, however, it has expanded to include a VPN and other members-only benefits, such as the ability to host longer group video calls on Google Meet, 10% cashback on Google Store purchases, extended trials, and other premium Google Photos features, such as Portrait Light for softening the background and adjusting the light position and brightness on subject faces.

With the release of Magic Eraser and the other new enhancements, the unique set of Google Photos privileges is increasing once more.

Formerly exclusive to Google Pixel 6 and 7 owners, Magic Eraser is now available to all Google One Android and iOS subscribers. It will also become accessible on Pixel 5a and previous Pixel smartphones without requiring a Google One subscription. Even though there are numerous third-party apps that allow object removal, Magic Eraser brings this functionality to the default Photos app on Android smartphones, which is also the programme that many iPhone users prefer over Apple’s Photos.

In addition, Google One users will have access to a new HDR video effect designed to balance dark foregrounds and bright backgrounds, or vice versa. Similar to the effect already accessible for images, according to Google.

In addition, Google Photos’ collage editor will acquire a selection of new Styles and the ability to apply a Style to a single photo in a collage. Google One subscribers and Pixel owners will also have access to this feature.

Google One subscribers in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and the EU will receive free delivery when ordering photo prints from the online store.

While each feature on its own may not be worth paying for, the combination of features, backup and sync options, and additional storage has made Google One’s membership one of the most popular in app stores. According to data.ai, the Google One app was the sixth most popular non-game app worldwide in terms of customer spending in 2022. It also ranked eighth in the U.S. Despite the majority of consumers purchasing the subscription for the extra storage and backup — in a sense, it’s Google’s answer to Apple’s iCloud — it’s also another method for Google to tie customers into its app ecosystem, even if they don’t use its Pixel phones or an Android device.

Google reports that Magic Eraser, the HDR effect, and new collage Styles will begin rolling out today, but won’t be available to all users worldwide for several weeks. But, free delivery is now active.

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