The Nord Buds 2 from OnePlus are a new pair of earbuds that came out this week. They cost a very reasonable $59, even though they have what we would call high-end features like ANC and a good IP55 rating.

In terms of sound, OnePlus says that each earbud has a 12.4mm dynamic driver with a titanium-layered vibrating diaphragm.

The BassWave algorithm is built in to help with the low end. When ANC is turned on, OnePlus says the battery life is 5 hours (27 hours with the charging case), but when ANC is turned off, the battery life is 7 hours (36 with case).

OnePlus launches $60 Nord Buds 2 with ANC

OnePlus Fast Pair, Dolby Atmos support, Dirac Toner, EQ from Sound Master, and compatibility with the HeyMelody app are some of the other features.

Again, for $59, these buds have almost everything someone might need. That’s not too bad. The first day you can buy them is today.

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