The Sims 4 is still in active production, with a baby-centric update set to release in March. The next instalment of The Sims for next-generation platforms is currently under development under the codename Project Rene. During Tuesday’s Behind The Sims Summit, Electronic Arts revealed additional information about Project Rene. However, we have yet to see any actual Sims from Project Rene.

Currently, a “small portion of the experience” is in the hands of play-testers, and the creator emphasised that the complete game is “years away.” Alongside the conventional single-player experience that fans have loved in previous Sims games, multiplayer will play a prominent role in the next Sims.

Grant Rodiek, game director for Project Rene, stated during the livestream, “We believe we can be both.”

Project Rene will not be an MMO; EA’s demonstration of multiplayer features centred on greater personalization. The game’s build-and-buy mode allows users to choose every aspect of a piece of furniture, from the colour of the cushions to the type of wood used for the frame. Rodiek noted that the team is pursuing a framework that allows friends to drop in or out to assist in the construction of a bedroom or gallery.

“You can have this deep dive at home on your computer, play for four hours, and change every aspect of a piece of furniture you can imagine by inputting RGB values and altering every part. Rodiek stated, “This is the PC experience, the authentic, rich experience you are accustomed to.”

Then, when on the move, you can grab your phone for a potentially different experience. Rodiek added, “Perhaps you’re grabbing archetypes, pre-selecting templates, or the content you’ve previously written.” This means that you can now play The Sims anywhere, with no limits or limitations.

Rodiek said that gamers will be able to create and customise Sims on the fly, even though the majority of Project Rene remains under wraps. “It’s quite challenging. “It’s not simple, but we must find it out,” he remarked. The debut of Project Rene is still many years away, but its early development is stunning and ambitious.

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