A leaked document purports to validate reports that the next-generation iPhone 15 models will utilise the Wi-Fi 6E standard that Apple has already implemented in the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro.

The paper, obtained via researcher and Apple leaker Unknownz21 (@UReditor), contains antenna design diagrams for the iPhone 15. The research shows that the speedier Wi-Fi 6E specification will be limited to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The D3y standard iPhone 15 devices will continue to utilise Wi-Fi 6 instead of Wi-Fi 6E. D7x relates to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, whereas D2y refers to the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. The paper outlines antenna design modifications between the iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro. MacRumors has obtained new paperwork showing that Wi-Fi 6E will be a feature exclusive to the Pro version.

Wi-Fi 6E has been added to various Apple products, but it is currently confined to the most recent iPad Pro, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro models. Apple has not historically restricted new Wi-Fi standards to Pro iPhone models, but the iPhone 15 Pro models will include several features not accessible on the iPhone 15, so it makes sense from a pricing and availability standpoint to do so now.

Wi-Fi 6E enables devices to connect to routers and modems that accept the Wi-Fi 6E standard, however it is a relatively new technology that is not widely adopted. Wi-Fi 6E routers are easily available, however due to their relatively recent introduction, many individuals and companies have not yet upgraded. Wi-Fi 6E routers contain the 6GHz band in addition to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands; to use the 6GHz band, both a Wi-Fi 6E router and a Wi-Fi 6E device are necessary.

Wi-Fi 6E provides greater bandwidth than Wi-Fi 6, resulting in quicker communication speeds, reduced latency, and improved capacity. Wi-Fi 6E provides an additional 1.2GHz of spectrum in the 6GHz band, and it can support gigabit coverage for the entire home, multi-gigabit connectivity for venues, and bandwidth for greater data streams, such as those utilised for AR and VR experiences.

Since Wi-Fi 6E requires both routers and devices to adopt the standard, it is currently a mainly empty band with low traffic, so iPhone 15 Pro models with Wi-Fi 6E will be able to connect to Wi-Fi 6E networks with little traffic competition from other devices.

Unknownz21 has in the past leaked information about devices such as the iPhone 14, and in 2020 he was able to obtain a copy of iOS 14 prior to its release and share information about the update. Unknownz21 told MacRumors that the graphic is “only the top of the iceberg” and that other leaks on the iPhone 15 series, including full photos, will be forthcoming before the iPhone 15 models enter the EVT (engineering validation test) phase in March.

His documents reveal that the iPhone 15 Pro variants will include speedier 3nm A17 CPUs and solid-state volume and power buttons. As previously speculated, the iPhone 15 models will continue Apple use A16 CPUs and would not feature updated volume buttons.

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