Overwatch 2 is about to enter its third season of content, and Blizzard has released a statement detailing how lessons learned from the prior two seasons will impact the game moving forward. This includes balancing adjustments to the new tank hero Ramattra and the reintroduction of Overwatch Credits, which will allow players to get additional skins without spending real money.

Ramattra is a futuristic omnic tank that can transform into a horrifying Nemesis Form. Blizzard reports that the initial release of Ramattra received a great deal of good comments on its enjoyment element. “However, it was evident that you believed Ramattra wasn’t viable in sufficient instances.”

Since the release of Ramattra, Blizzard has increased his power in Nemesis form by increasing his armour and speed, as well as reducing the cooldown of his omnic form’s Void Barrier. His ultimate ability, Annihilation, will be nerfed to compensate for the fact that he is now one of the strongest tanks in the game.

“In Season 3, we’ll modify the Annihilation timer so that it ticks down more slowly if foes are present (before, enemies completely paused the timer) and add a 20-second cap. This should reduce the number of extreme usage and allow for greater counterplay, while retaining Annihilation’s strength and effect.

In Overwatch 2, Blizzard is bringing back the credits from the original game, which were formerly known as Legacy Credits and could not be acquired through gameplay. Through Season 3’s battle pass, players can gain 1,500 credits for free, with an additional 500 credits on the premium track. All epic and legendary skins released before Overwatch 2 will be accessible in the game’s store for 1,500 credits, including those from seasonal event modes. If a player completes the battle pass, they will receive a legendary skin for free once per season. Blizzard said it is investigating more methods to spend credits: “These changes are just the beginning of our quest to make Overwatch 2 a more rewarding game to play.”

Additionally, the blog provides Blizzard’s analysis on the Battle for Olympus and other seasonal game modes. While the developer is “generally pleased” with Battle for Olympus’ reception, future updates will incorporate fan comments regarding earning hero titles, completing challenges, and counting environmental kills. Blizzard also plans to implement changes to ranked matchmaking and the “on fire” system.

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