Meta has reduced the price of two of its virtual reality headsets. The Meta Quest 2 (256GB) is now available for $430, down from $500, and the Meta Quest Pro is now available for $1,000, down from $1,500. The standard 128GB model of the Quest 2 will continue to cost $400.

The price reductions come shortly after price increases for the Meta Quest 2 were implemented last summer. At that time, Meta increased the price of both models of the Quest 2 by $100, so the price decrease brings the 256GB model close to its pre-increase price. Here are the locations where you can purchase the Quest 2 and Quest Pro at their new price points.

The Meta Quest 2 (256GB) costs less than half as much as the Meta Quest Pro, making it the ideal VR headset for beginners. Its 256GB hard drive should provide ample space for all of your VR games, and its wire-free operation means you won’t have to deal with a complicated setup. Simply clear some space in your room and don your headset, and you’re prepared to play. Also included with your purchase are the games Golf+ and Space Pirate Trainer DX.

Now that doubling your storage costs only $30 more, the 256GB model is likely to be more popular, making it harder to find than its 128GB sibling.

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