ChatGPT may initially appear to be little more than a ridiculously intelligent digital toy. We have witnessed thousands of users engaging OpenAI’s chatbot in fascinating conversations over the past few months. There have also been reports of ChatGPT passing exams, writing code, and impersonating celebrities. Understanding which prompts to use is the key to transforming ChatGPT from a toy into a tool, which is why online prompt libraries are beginning to proliferate. Last week, we discussed one, and now we have another to discuss.

Access Even More ChatGPT Prompts

Product Hunt highlighted a new collection of over 500 free ChatGPT prompts over the weekend. Ignacio Velásquez, the creator of the note-taking and productivity web application Notion, and Shushant Lakhyani compiled the collection.

“500+ ChatGPT Prompt Templates is a comprehensive collection of highly curated prompts that are tailored to many common and specific needs,” reads the product page on Gumroad where the collection is available. “With this product, you can access a wide variety of ChatGPT prompts and increase your productivity.”

You can pay to access the collection, but you can also obtain it for free if you so choose.

The ChatGPT prompt collection contains dozens of categories, ranging from blog writing and coding to influencer marketing and podcast interview ideas. Each topic contains at least 15 writing prompts, with a few containing more than 100. Once you find a suitable prompt, navigate to ChatGPT and paste it into the chat box. This should get your conversation off the ground.

You do not need to rely on Google Translate to translate all of the site’s ChatGPT prompts because they are also available in Spanish.

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