There are approximately 744 new visitors and 2,231 total pageviews per day on The estimated worth of on the web is $42,179. On average, each user views 3.21 pages during their visit.

According to Alexa, receives approximately 13.75% of its total traffic from outside of Turkey, placing it at the 35,952nd most popular website in that country.

The.COM extension was successfully registered by You should look at other.COM sites as well.

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In accordance with the results of our most recent check on (April 27, 2020), the SSL certificate issued to by CloudFlare, Inc. has expired (expired on October 09, 2020). For updated SSL information, please visit the Security Information page and click the “Refresh” button. Verify that the sites you visit regularly are using CloudFlare, Inc.-issued SSL certificates.

As far as is concerned, it’s a dodgy website.

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