What are your expectations for Unexpected Season 5 Episode 5? Do you know when the fifth episode of Unexpected Season 5 will air? Because Tiarra, accompanied by Ella, goes home to see Tyra and Alex for a doctor’s appointment in the fourth episode. When she arrives at the doctor’s office, she simply gets in her car and drives there.

As a result of Dee’s long hours at work, Tiarra prefers the comfort of her own home when she’s alone in her new apartment. Since she’s been experiencing some kind of contraction, she shows up for this appointment.

Unplanned pregnancies among teenagers have decreased by more than half since the early 1990s, but one in every four females reaches puberty with a pregnancy. A new TLC documentary titled “Unexpected” delves into the difficult topic of adolescent pregnancy, following the lives of three pregnant teens who are part of supposed couples.

Pregnancy and the first few weeks of parenting are documented by the cameras. It is up to the parents and grandparents of the pregnant couple in each episode to help them get ready to have a child.

Roles and responsibilities become increasingly convoluted since each family has its own beliefs about what is best for the adolescent parents and their progeny, from where they should reside to when they should marry.

When will the Unexpected Season 5 Episode 5 Be Released?

Unexpected Season 5 Episode 5 Release Date
Unexpected Season 5 Episode 5 Release Date

The fifth episode of Unexpected Season 5 will air on TLC on April 3rd, 2022. TLC’s Unexpected premieres a new episode every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. A difficult night of loading the moving truck awaits Lilly and Lawrence, according to the episode’s official synopsis.

In order to meet with Alex, Tyra will drop everything and leave her sister and cousin behind. Jason and Kylen are getting together with some friends to go fishing. Meanwhile, Emersyn will get ready for her official induction.

Recap of Unexpected Season 5 Episode 5 

Before diving into Unexpected Season 5 Episode 5, let’s quickly go over what happened in the previous episode. It was in the last episode that Tiarra and her doctor talked about her iron supplements and the possibility of a C-section. Her labs have been scrutinized.

In the meanwhile, Emersyn and Mason have signed up for childbirth lessons. It astounds Mason how big the newborns are when he sees them for the first time. After that, they’ll discuss how to take a nipple measurement.

Men’s ability to lactate is a hotly debated topic. Mason is ready to be a parent as his studies progress. Emersyn isn’t sure if she’s ready for this challenge.

Luca’s baptism is attended by Jenna and her parents. Both of them are envious of the other’s success. Jenna maintains that if they weren’t her parents, she wouldn’t have talked with them at all. Her youth had been wrecked by her parents. Her mother sits in the first row at Jenna’s baptism. Her father is annoyed by Jenna’s antics. It’s almost time for Lilly and Lawrence to head out.

Throughout the entire packaging process, Lilly was in charge. Lawrence is most likely to be in charge of the actual moving. This is his second job, and he’s fatigued after only a few days of labor there! There is a lot of friction between them because of the nature of their jobs.

In the company of Jason’s cousin Lizzie, Kylen and Jason had a pleasant reunion. Now that she has a child, she provides them with hand-me-downs and parenting advice, which they use.

Unexpected Season 5 Episode 5 Cast
Unexpected Season 5 Episode 5 Cast

In order for them to practise, she gives them a dummy baby, named Keegan, to use. Foreboding is already in Jason’s heart and soul. The sole child in the household is Jason. His father tells him that he is more like a grandfather than a parent and that he needs to work harder to become a father. Jason had to be well prepared and focused on the task at hand. Later, Jason and Kyle sit down to discuss Keegan’s dissatisfaction with each other in detail.

Tiarra and Tyra get a visit from Taylor. Her second child is due any day now. She is very excited. After that, they talked about how they had been accused of making a pregnancy deal, which was untrue. With Taylor, Tiarra, and Tyra’s fourth cousin, Noah, Taylor makes it plain that she and Noah do not have any blood kinship. In the past, they’ve had an on-and-off romance. When they get back to Tiarra and Tyra’s place, they plan to go swimming.

They talk about how she got pregnant again since they didn’t use birth control during their on-again, off-again romance. He is concerned about his financial situation. As their relocation preparations unravel, Lawrence finds himself embroiled in a power struggle with Lilly and her mother. They suggested that he engage the aid of his close friends to help him. Lilly’s friends were powerless to prevent him from doing it. We’ll now talk about when and what will happen in the Unexpected Season 5 Episode.

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Release Time of Unexpected Season 5 Episode 5 & Where can I watch Unexpected season 5?

The fifth and final episode of Season 5 of Unexpected will air on Sunday at 10 p.m. Eastern Time. Unexpected will air on the TLC Network, which can be viewed via cable or subscription platforms like Hulu or Philo. It costs about $25 a month to subscribe to Philo and gain access to 60+ channels that include live sports, reality shows, comedy, and other entertainment.

You can watch Unexpected on FuboTV for $64.99/month and get access to more than 100 channels of hit shows, movies, and breaking news without paying a penny for cable. Subscriptions to the TLC Network are available on a variety of platforms, including YouTube TV and anywhere else the network is offered.

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