Many TikTok viewers began to notice a chair emoji beneath their favourite videos in 2021, and many are curious about its significance.

What Does Chair Mean on Tik Tok?

What Does the Chair Emoji Mean on TikTok? Popular Theories Explained

In September 2021, a large number of TikTok users flooded the comment section with chair emojis, causing widespread confusion.

Later, it was revealed that the chair emoji is a prank and was intended to replace the famous smiling face emoji.

The fad was purportedly launched by the TikTok user @blank.antho, who released a video explaining the inside joke to his over one million followers.

He assured his admirers, “If you’re seeing this, you’re part of the inside joke.”

Since then, the joke has taken over the platform, with some users enjoying the new trend while others have resorted to Twitter to voice their confusion.

How does the chair emoji represent laughter? inquired one user.

While another said, “I just saw someone use a chair as a laughing emoji,” adding, “I’m done with this generation,” the chair was used as an emoji.

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Who Created Emojis?

Shigetaka Kurita, a Japanese artist, created emojis in the 1990s, but they did not reach widespread appeal until the 2010s.

Kurita is a well-known interface designer, but emojis are his most well-known creation.

There are about 3,000 distinct emojis accessible as of 2021, including facial expressions, flags, jobs, and sports.

They have also included skin tones that allow users to adjust the skin colour of select icons over time.

What Does the Chair Emoji Really Mean?

Despite the fact that the emoji has become synonymous with laughter, that was not its original meaning.

After being launched in 2019, the chair emoji did not have a defined meaning but was commonly used to refer to a movable chair, whereas the seat emoji is frequently used to symbolise fixed seats on an aircraft, train, or bus.

Some Reddit users claim that the emoji has a sexual connotation and signifies that the sender wants the receiver to “sit on their face.”

“People are using the chair emoji to indicate that they would like the [original poster] to sit on their face. It is used in the same manner as, for instance, the scissors emoji for scissors or the eggplant emoji for a d**k. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of people discussing face-sitting, so this is really the next logical step,” remarked one user.


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