Ohio County Schools has received some feedback on the new reading curriculum it is adopting across the district, and it is now reviewing the books more closely.

At this week’s board of education meeting, a member of the public stated that several parts in the books offered were too sexually explicit for kids to read in class.

Great Minds’ “Wit and Wisdom” reading curriculum was chosen as the reading programme to be utilised by Ohio County Schools this summer. Thousands of print reading resources are available for students and instructors to choose from. Picture books, short tales, magazine articles, and even novels for older children are included in the collection.

Assistant Superintendent Rick Jones stated, “We’ve had some calls from people who are worried about the curriculum.” “We’ve set together a committee to look over the curriculum.”

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He said roughly 50 instructors in the district first collaborated with Raquel McLeod, the district’s student services director, to choose the Wit and Wisdom reading platform for pupils. In the following days, a similar panel will work to assess public complaints.

Wit and Wisdom Controversy

“Are there enough contentious themes that we can remove them and yet have a successful reading series?” Jones was the one who inquired. “Or is it so widespread that we’ll have to pull a large number of people?” If that’s the case, we may have to work together to radically transform it.”

According to Jones, there appears to be just a small number of novels that are contentious.

He said, “There are also a lot of positive things that other school systems say they’ve never seen before.” “If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to keep the contentious elements out while still having a great reading series.”

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He said he’d spoken with folks who had contacted him about the reading materials, and they were satisfied with the school district’s plans to examine the programme. Judi Myers and other community members have expressed worry over literature that seems to be “sexually graphic” that they have seen youngsters reading this summer.

Wit and Wisdom Controversy

“I realise we all come from different experiences, and what’s in these books won’t bother some people,” Myers remarked. “For others, their brains and souls have been guarded against activities that have a negative impact not only on their families but on the entire community.”

Myers read a chapter from a book she advised kids should read over the summer. She came to a halt, stating it was uncomfortable for her to read what “13- and 14-year-olds” were reading.

“Our youngsters are already subjected to a great lot of trauma,” she explained. “We need to find them something that will help them get through these difficult times.”

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Myers only objected to the information that appeared to be sexually explicit, and he made no mention of any political connotations.

Wit and Wisdom Controversy

“The reading series is being assessed by Ohio County Schools officials and instructors, and they’re trying to figure out what content is acceptable for the age group,” Superintendent Kim Miller said on Friday.

“Educators employ books, like any other instructional resource, to provide educational standards. If the content is determined to be sexual, violent, or just improper for kids of a given age or grade, changes may be made, and material may be added or deleted from any programme.

“Teachers frequently make adjustments in order to better suit the requirements of their pupils. Ohio County Schools, on the other hand, does not want to ban instructors from sharing and discussing pertinent information with kids. “Our objective is to make sure that children are emotionally mature enough to read the material,” Miller explained.

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