Without the use of third-party mods or resource packs, a Minecraft mad scientist has recreated The Legend of Zelda in the blocky sandbox game. C1OUS3R, a fan and YouTuber who has also created Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. in Minecraft, spent over a month crafting the Zelda homage.

The creator utilised command blocks, new graphics, and other game elements to recreate the NES classic from 1986. In a making-of video, C1OUS3R explained, “I use Blockbench to produce a flat version of Link from all angles so I can rotate it to make him appear to be facing any direction.” I would construct a Voxel model like I did in past video games, but it takes 30 times longer and is essentially undetectable, therefore I don’t have the time.

“I then placed this model on top of a carved pumpkin, which is one of the headwear objects in Minecraft. Then, I render the player invisible to make it appear as though you are controlling Link. Then, with the data pack’s function folder, which consists of written command blocks, I am able to determine the direction the player is travelling based on armour stands and rotate the model to make it appear to be moving. I then animate the textures, and voila! You have command of the Link.”

C1OUS3R stated on Reddit (via Kotaku) that after their YouTube video receives 5,000 likes, they would release the playable creation, which includes the first boss fight. It has over 500 subscribers at the time of posting. The developer claims they intend to release a whole gaming engine within Minecraft in the future. “It is much simpler to comprehend than anything like Unity. I believe Minecraft has the potential to help individuals become game developers.”

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