Less than two months remain until WWDC 2023, and a new leak may shed a lot of light on what iPhone users can expect from iOS 17. Even though iOS 17 won’t have a single killer feature, what we know so far hints that it will still be a more interesting update than we first thought.

Apple’s original plan for iOS 17 was to improve the system as a whole and make it run better. This is a lot like what Apple did in the past with Snow Leopard for macOS. Bloomberg, on the other hand, says that Apple’s plans for iOS 17 have grown to include a number of highly requested features.

So, if his news is true, a new leak from Twitter user @analyst941 gives us more specific information about Apple’s upcoming software update.

iOS 17 will work on all iPhone types that work with iOS 16. You don’t have to worry about being left behind if you have an old iPhone running iOS 16. iOS 17 will run on the iPhone 8 and all devices that come after it.

iOS 17 Expecations and Wishlist - 9to5Mac

The Twitter leak says, like the Bloomberg story, that “performance, efficiency, stability, and long-term support for older devices are the main features of this update.”

Rumored iOS 17 Features

The leak says that Dynamic Island will have more forward-looking features and more usefulness. This is especially interesting and exciting. Even more so because I think the Dynamic Island in its current form is more annoying than helpful.

iOS 17 will also add much better search features, which are long overdue given how search works on iOS right now. A theory that iOS 17 will change the way the Camera app looks and works is also interesting. There aren’t many specifics about this, it’s true. But people use the Camera app a lot, so it will be interesting to see what Apple has in mind.

Possible iOS 17 features include dynamic widgets, new emojis, support for third-party app stores, a redesigned Control Center, a new user interface for the Health app, better settings options for adjusting Focus Mode and the Always-On display, and, most interestingly, “an absolute behemoth of ARKit APIs/frameworks.”

WWDC 2023 will start on June 5, so we won’t have to wait long to find out what iOS 17 has to offer.

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