As Ars Technica and CNET reported earlier, Google has quietly put a limit on the number of files you can make and save in Drive. Even if you pay for more space, the company told The Verge that you can only make up to 5 million files in Drive.

To be clear, the 5 million file limit only applies to the files you create in Drive. It does not include files that other people have sent to your Drive. This means that you can have more than 5 million files in the system, as long as you didn’t make them all yourself.

Ross Richendrfer, a representative for Google, says that the change is made to “maintain strong performance and reliability” and to stop “misuse” of the company’s systems. Richendrfer says that if you reach the limit, Google will let you know and you can talk to Google support to fix the problem.

It may seem crazy that one person could upload 5 million files, but some users have reached that limit.

Google Drive limits file creation count - Global Village Space | Technology

In a Reddit post that Ars Technica and CNET saw, a user with 7 million files in Drive said that Google suddenly stopped them from making new files in February, even though they hadn’t used up the 2TB of paid storage space.

Several other users on Google’s issue tracker site say they came across the file cap around the same time and thought at first that it was a bug.

As the Reddit post says, the file limit means that someone with 2TB of storage and an average file size of more than 400KB will reach their file limit before they run out of storage space.

Google Drive rolls out an awfully quiet file limit, leaving users out in the cold | Android Central

In other words, some users may be paying for more storage space than they can actually use unless they choose to compress their files into zip folders.

Based on what users have said, it seems like Google didn’t tell those who would be affected by the new limit before it went into effect. This left them scrambling to move or compress files after the policy went into effect.

It doesn’t look like Google updated its support pages for Google One or Workspace to mention the limit either, but it does say that shared Workspace drives can hold up to 400,000 files. Even though most people probably don’t store 5 million

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