The “WD BLACK C50 Expansion Card for Xbox” showed up on Best Buy’s website over the weekend, but you can’t buy it right now. The item would add 1TB of space to a console in the Xbox Series.

When the Xbox Series consoles first came out in 2020, they came with their own memory card system so that the machines could hold more data.

At the start, Seagate made cards with 1TB, 2TB, and 512GB of space. It looks like this new card will cost players $179.99 (about £145). This is a lot cheaper than Microsoft’s 1TB drive, which costs $220 and is rarely in stock.

Even though both Series consoles have other ways to add memory or store games on third-party hard drives, the expansion card system is unique because it works with Xbox’s Quick Resume feature. This means that games can be stored in a playable state directly on the expansion cards, unlike most USB hard drives, which store games in “cold storage.”

Xbox Series X|S could be getting a cheaper storage expansion card soon

This means that you can store games on regular USB drives, but to play Xbox Series games, you have to copy them into the system’s internal storage or onto one of these expansion cards. Some older games can be played straight from the hard drive.

In contrast, the PS5 storage expansion uses standard hard drives that have been made by more than one company.

This means that, in general, the prices for these expansions are lower than on Xbox. However, because the performance of hard drives varies, consumers need to do some research before buying, which is not the case with Microsoft’s “plug-and-play” solution.

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