Three years after the pandemic made Zoom more popular, it is now getting a makeover with AI.

Zoom announced on Monday that it will use OpenAI’s technology to make Zoom IQ, a smart companion for Zoom, even smarter by adding AI experiences that can improve the workflows of its customers.

Over the past year, Zoom IQ has slowly added more smart features, such as smart meeting recordings. Zoom is now adding AI-powered ways to get work done, such as summaries of chat threads and text generation.

The text-generating features, Zoom IQ chat compose and Zoom IQ email composes, will use generative AI to write messages and responses based on the conversational context and what the user wants.

Zoom's new AI tools will soon summarize your meetings for you


The Zoom IQ meeting summary feature will automatically summarize what was said in a meeting as it was happening. If you show up late to a meeting, you can use this feature to quickly catch up on what you missed.

Once the session is over, the summary is sent to the Zoom Team Chat in a format that can be shared. The team can then look at the meeting’s content and suggested next steps.

The blog post says that starting in April, “select customers who have been invited” will be able to use the new Zoom IQ features.

Zoom isn’t the first work productivity tool to add artificial intelligence (AI) features. This month, Slack, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 all announced that they would be adding AI features as well.

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