The ROG Ally is Asus’s first gaming handheld PC. It will go up against the Steam Deck.

Even though the company released the trailer for the PC gaming handheld on April Fools’ Day, the handheld is real, and you can sign up at Best Buy to pre-order it.

Asus says that the Ally runs on Windows 11 and has a custom APU that was made by Asus and AMD to make it the fastest APU for gaming on the go. It also has two fans that keep the handheld cool and as quiet as possible while running a game with a lot of graphics.

Not an April Fools’ Joke

You Tuber Dave2 D Released a Preview Video in Which He Went Into Detail About the Ally’s Specs, but Not so Much that He Gave Away the Frame Rate. This Was Done to Show that The Ally Is Real or Is Going to Be Real.

the Ally Has a 7-Inch Screen Like the Steam Deck, but The Resolution Is 1080p Instead of 800p, and The Display Speed Goes up To 120 Hz. on Load, Its Fans Make 20d B of Noise, Which Is 17 Decibels Less than The Steam Deck, Where the Fans Make 37d B of Noise.

Other Companies, Like the Small Chinese Company Ayaneo, Have Tried to Compete with The Steam Deck with Their Own Handheld PCs. the Ayaneo Air and Ayaneo 2 Were Both Released Within Six Months of Each Other. Asus Is the First Company in The Us to Try to Make a Handheld Pc that Might Work Better than Valve’s Device.

No One Knows When You’ll Be Able to Pre-Order the Rog Ally. You Might Want to Keep an Eye out For an Email from Best Buy when They Do.

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