As the first major OS update since September, iOS 16.3.1 was released recently by Apple. Two weeks have passed since iOS 16.3 was released, which included Apple ID Security Keys and HomePod compatibility.

Apple’s release notes state that the latest iOS update addresses numerous bugs and iCloud-related issues. Additional improvements to Crash Detection, as well as support for Find My requests made through Siri, are included in iOS 16.3.1.

Users of iPhones that are compatible with iOS 16.3 are reporting issues with iCloud backup, despite the update’s claims of improved security and expanded access to satellite-based emergency SOS services. Issues with iCloud Drive, Photos, and backup uploading have recently begun to plague some iPhone users after they updated to iOS 16.3.

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Meanwhile, the Crash Detection feature, which is enabled by default on new iPhone models and Apple Watches, notifies emergency services if users are unresponsive after a “severe car crash.” However, some officials have said that the feature has caused several false reports, which have logged the time and resources of first responders.

Several Apple device-using skiers in the United States’ Summit County, Colorado, sent in automated crash warnings to the 911 centre in December of last year. Despite the fact that none of these calls actually involved an emergency, processing them took time and, if the skier did not respond to a call from dispatchers, required ski patrol personnel to travel to the location of the automated call.

According to reports, this isn’t the first time Apple has improved its crash detection. Apple released iOS 16.1.2 in November, which also included system changes after users reported it triggered false alerts while on rollercoasters.

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Some users have reported that, ever since iOS 16.3 was released, they have been unable to enable automatic iCloud backups on their iPhones and iPads. This issue may be resolved by adjusting the iCloud settings.

Improvements to Crash Detection are likely to fix the recurring problems with Crash Detection that have been reported at theme parks and ski areas. More and more accidental reports have been coming in to emergency services, especially at ski resorts, which is taking away from their ability to respond to real emergencies. Apple has implemented a slew of Crash Detection optimizations in an effort to resolve the issue.

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