Apple introduced new hardware last week, including the MacBook Pro, the Mac Mini, and the second-generation HomePod, with more to follow throughout the year. But what’s on the horizon may not warrant an instant upgrade, according to the Bloomberg Power On newsletter. Specifically, it will likely be a “light year” for iPad feature enhancements across all models. However, 2024 appears exciting.

Despite last year’s modest release, Apple plans to deliver an iPad Pro this year, but it won’t be until next spring that it will likely unveil an improved design with OLED screens. This would definitely complicate some purchasing decisions for 2023, particularly for individuals who had planned to hold onto their cash from the previous year and instead upgrade this year.

However, delaying until 2024 may yield enormous benefits. In the past few years, the rumour mill has been abuzz with speculation over the iPad’s redesign. Even before the MacBook Pro, the latest rumours indicate that Apple’s tablet will usher in the OLED display revolution for Apple gear.

According to a story published by The Information in October of last year, there is anticipation that the iPad Pro refresh will contain panels measuring up to 16 inches in size. The new iPad model may possibly feature MagSafe, similar to the iPhone, though we expected it to debut with the iPad Pro introduction last year. And the rumour that the iPad will integrate wireless charging as a result of its redesigned glass back remains strong.

Bloomberg also reports that the iPad Mini and iPad Air would not receive “significant changes” this year, despite the fact that the iPad Mini has not been upgraded since 2021. If the iPad Mini gets refreshed this year, its specs will likely be upgraded slightly, but only to the current mobile processor. The current iPad Mini is powered by the same A15 Bionic chip as the iPhone 13 series.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a previously mentioned analyst who has been quite accurate with supply chain news, predicted last year that Apple is now developing its newest iPad mini, which is expected to launch by the end of 2023 or the beginning of the next year.

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