Everyone from academics to marketers to hackers to judges is thinking about how to best take advantage of ChatGPT. What does the mastermind behind it all believe, though?

Founder and CEO of OpenAI, the firm responsible for creating the AI chatbot, is Sam Altman. Because of how much time it saves him when reading lengthy articles or email threads, he finds ChatGPT to be very helpful.

In a recent interview with Forbes, he was asked to name the “coolest thing you’ve seen someone do with GPT so far,” but he avoided doing so. However, he did consent to discussing the topics he found to have the greatest “personal utility.”

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The reply might shock you.

He said, “Summarization has been extremely important to me, far more so than I had anticipated.” As one user put it, “the fact that I can just have full articles or long email threads summarised has been way more useful than I would have thought.”

That seems like a pretty straightforward application of an A.I. chatbot, which many people believe will threaten Google’s search engine business. Microsoft is pouring billions into OpenAI in an effort to incorporate its technology into all of its offerings, including Bing, its main competitor in the search engine market.

ChatGPT’s potential to displace classic search engines is not what Altman finds most intriguing, however.

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He stated to Forbes, “I mean, I don’t think ChatGPT does [replace Search].” However, I anticipate that one day an AI system will be able to. Moreover, I believe that by focusing on the events of the past, people are missing the boat entirely. My focus is primarily on what comes after a search is completed. I’m a little too young to remember a time before online search engines.

He also mentioned that he can use ChatGPT to improve his coding skills. He was able to “ask esoteric programming questions or help debug code in a way that feels like I’ve got a super brilliant programmer that I can talk to” because of the tool at his disposal.

Altman is taking a risk that enough people will find ChatGPT helpful enough to pay $42 per month for a premium version, which was released last week. Paying customers have access to ChatGPT regardless of peak times, receive priority support, and are among the first to test out new features.

And, yes, ChatGPT often goes down due to an excessive number of users. The fact that users keep coming back is evidence of “great product-market fit,” as noted by Elad Gil, a Google alum and well-known angel investor, last week.

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UBS analysts pointed out this week that ChatGPT surpassed TikTok and Instagram in terms of monthly active users, adding, “In 20 years following the internet space, we cannot recall a faster ramp in a consumer internet app.”

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