Tomi wants to “start over” with the internet by using its DAO governance model to promote freedom of speech and access to information that hasn’t been censored.
The digital asset market maker DWF Labs led a $40 million funding round for the DAO tomi, which wants to build an alternative internet network.

Tomi said on Tuesday that it wants to “start over” with the internet by using its DAO governance model to promote freedom of speech and access to uncensored information. This is in contrast to the “government and corporate surveillance and censorship” of the web.

“The community-run tomiDAO runs the alternative network and votes on all proposals, from changing code to blocking content that doesn’t follow the community’s rules,” said tomi.

A DAO is a type of organisation that is based on the blockchain and is run by the people who hold its native crypto token and vote on how the organisation should be run.

Alternative Internet' Builder Tomi Raises $40M to Attract Content Creators - World News - Haberin Adresi

The money will be used to reach out to people who make content for the network.

“With its DAO-governed alternative network, tomi is paving the way for a censorship-free environment where users can access high-quality content without giving up their privacy,” DWF Labs managing partner Andrei Grachev said.

We think that the team’s commitment to fair monetization and the development of technologies that protect privacy will make tomi the best place for content creators and users alike.
This funding round is being led by DWF Labs. This is the latest investment by the market maker in a Web3 project. DWF Labs recently bought native tokens from Orbs Network, a blockchain infrastructure provider, and Synthetix, a derivatives protocol.

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