Iris Fall is available for the entire month (usually $19.99) Enter the surreal, exquisitely crafted world of puzzles and excitement. Follow a mysterious black cat into a labyrinthine world of light and darkness as young Iris. Iris will find that everything has some sort of link to her the further she investigates. Clever mechanics and hard riddles, along with a distinctive monochrome aesthetic and a great soundtrack, all contribute to a fantastic journey.

Autonauts (usually $19.99) is available from January 16 through February 15 for a discounted price of $16.99. The world is yours to construct! Find planets without inhabitants and alter them. Beginning with collecting sticks and stones, you will lay the groundwork for your foundation. Eventually, you’ll be able to construct workerbots, which, once you’ve honed their artificial intelligence, can assist you in constructing more. Teach them to fish, harvest, cook, sew, and perform other tasks. You can quickly generate Folk who will require your support to survive. This is a charmingly designed, open-ended simulation game with a tonne of entertaining difficulties to conquer. Automate the world to set it in motion.

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