Bomb It is a fun and amusing lifestyle application created by RomReviewer for Android users. It is also sometimes referred to as BOMBitUP.

Its primary use is to enable you to fool your family or friends by sending an endless number of texts.

For instance, spam OTP or verification messages that are fraudulent but nonetheless plausible enough. Although it is totally free to use, keep in mind that this should only be done for amusing pranks and not for retaliation.

The Easy Procedure

Although BOMBitUP is an Android application, Google Play will not carry it. You can bomb calls, emails, and even messages using this software.

You can rapidly send messages to tease individuals with only a few easy clicks. You only need to see a short advertisement to do that.

But your joke’s scope will be severely constrained. You might need to fork over a little price to access the advanced capabilities if you wish to get around these limitations.

BomBitUp SMS Blaster

Some nations, including India, the UK, Nepal, the Philippines, Pakistan, and the US, are big fans of BOMBitUP. Only the phone number needs to be entered before the application can perform simple calling and texting.

Your phone number won’t be revealed when you send a message to the individuals you wish to tease. You won’t have to be concerned about your prank being undone as a result.

Additionally, BOMBitUP will aid users in thwarting other people’s practical jokes. BOMBitUP will stop them from attacking you if they try to.

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How to Get the Bombit Up Apk for Android and Install It

BOMBitUP isn’t offered in mobile app stores. BOMBitUP is incredibly lightweight for simple installation. To install the app, please follow the instructions below:

Delete the previous version if it’s there on your phone.

Installing from untrusted sources is permitted: Settings for the phone – Security Set “Unknown Sources” to on.

When you click the BOMBitUP APK file, choose “Install” to launch the setup wizard.

The Main Characteristics of The Newest Bombit Up

Phone Blast

Use BOMBitUP to create call attacks in this feature. The “victims” will be subjected to ongoing teasing by unidentified phone numbers.

With this feature, you will confuse them. Additionally, you could try Call Pinger, another amusing joke.

You’ll make a lot of missed calls that enrage and intrigue folks. They’ll scream and enquire repeatedly about the perpetrator.

SMS Bomb

BomBitUp SMS Blaster


While sending texts instead of calls, this feature is comparable to Call Blast. They’ll keep calling the individual you tease on the phone with jokes.

Additionally, you can send an unlimited number of messages using the “way2sms” port. However, in order to accomplish this, you must create a free account.

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A Mass Email

sending emails nonstop until the recipient blocks you They will be seriously diverted from their work if they use that email to make phone calls. Additionally, it fills the email notifications on their phone’s taskbar.

Phone Spammer

It will assault other people’s WhatsApp accounts. Simply type in the messages you want to send, and they will be sent continually.

They will frequently run into issues when using WhatsApp.


BOMBitUP can be used to deter attacks from others if you don’t want to use it to tease people. Email, phone, WhatsApp, etc., will remain secure from the jokes of others.

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How Can BomBit Up Secure Your Email and Phone Number?

BomBitUp SMS Blaster


BOMBitUP offers full functionality to protect customers who want to safeguard their phone numbers and emails from attacks. Below, I’ll provide you with simple instructions on how to use this feature:

The application’s home page will be the first thing you see when you launch it. Look for the area in the upper left corner with the three dashes, then click it to access the “Protect List” section.

You will then see a screen with “Protect Phone” and “Protect Email” options. Protect Email will assist in protecting your email while Protect Phone will assist in protecting your phone number.

Since Windows is a closed platform, can I use a different Whatsapp account for each SIM on my Lumia 535 DS running Windows 10 Mobile? I recently switched from the Android platform where I was using many Whatsapp accounts on a single phone using third-party software.

Download dual WhatsApp for Windows phones. The identical issue was posed to me for WP8.1, and the responses have led me to believe that it is not possible on WP8.1.

I have since updated it to W10M, but I still need to know if W10M is capable of it.

You then enter your phone number or email and select “Protect Me.” You will be immediately safe from threats.

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