Will there ever be a Pixel Fold? There are more and more rumors that Google will show off its first foldable phone at its I/O meeting in May. The most recent rumor comes from CNBC’s Jennifer Elias, who says the device will be presented at I/O, go on sale in June, and cost “more than $1,700.” A previous story from WinFuture also said that the Pixel Fold would come out in June.

The story is based on internal photos and documents that CNBC saw, and it gives a lot of the same information that we’ve heard before: There is a 7.6-inch display on the inside and a 5.8-inch display on the outside, as well as Google’s Tensor G2 chip.

It is said that the phone weighs 10 oz, or 283 g, which is more than a Galaxy Fold 4. One surprising feature is that it can handle water, which is something no other folding company has ever tried.

A document from inside the company is quoted in the story as saying that the phone has “the most durable hinge on a foldable.” The main problem with foldable is that they aren’t very durable, but most worries are about the screen, so it might be a good marketing idea to focus on the hinge.

Another OnLeaks render.

Even though Samsung is on its fourth version of these devices, it can’t stop the screen from dying right where it folds. There are, however, complaints about the joints. At any given time, about half of the posts on the front page of the Galaxy Fold subreddit are about broken screens and the other half are about broken hinges.

In December, OnLeaks made a picture of the gadget, and it showed a few interesting details. The image had the camera bar design from earlier Pixels, but it was slightly changed so that it didn’t go all the way to the edge of the phone’s back.

There was a clump of holes to the left of the camera stick, but it wasn’t clear what they were for. They look like part of a speaker grille, but that would be an odd place for a speaker, and the story that goes with it shows where the speakers are.

Near the rear camera array, there is generally one hole for a microphone, but this one has 19. Why?

The other interesting thing about the images from OnLeaks is that the display bezel is back. Above and below the screen, there are big blank spaces on the inside of the tablet.

The camera is on the top, and the rest of the bezel looks like it’s just taking up room. The normal Samsung design would have a camera built into a hole and a much better screen on the inside.

The Pixel Fold has been talked about for a long time. Several different types have been mentioned in Android code, but they have never been made public.

Google is usually pretty good at keeping its devices secret, but it’s not uncommon to see detailed hands-on posts of unreleased Pixel prototypes that were left at a bar, put up for sale on eBay, or “borrowed” from a testing center.

We haven’t seen a single picture of the Pixel Fold in real life, but there have been many leaks of pictures of the Pixel 7a and Pixel Tablet. If the real release date is June, someone should start taking shots any day now.

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