In a long blog post full of information, the company revealed a road map for the new season. It’s full of content that players have come to expect from the seasonal releases that refresh the games every two months.

In addition to new weapons and maps, MW2’s multiplayer mode is getting the popular two-vs-two Gunfight mode, which debuted in 2019’s Modern Warfare. Cranked, Face Off, and Ground War Infected are also coming back.

The developers also announced something called BlackCell, which is an addition to the battle pass with more unlocks for players who go through the seasonal pass quickly.

Players can pay an extra $30 to get more Call of Duty points, an operator, more Battle Pass unlocks, and a few exclusive cosmetics.

Massive Resurgence is a new mode for Warzone 2 that adds 150 players to the respawn mode that was popular on smaller maps.

This time, it’s on the huge Al Mazrah map. And at the end of the season, the long-awaited ranked mode for battle royale will finally be added with the midseason update.

Warzone 2’s DMZ mode is also getting some new features, such as a barter system that lets players trade gear for other valuables, a workbench that lets players change Contraband weapons, a new faction, new boss enemies, and several “active duty operator” slots that let players keep playing the extraction mode.

Activision also said that the World Series of Warzone will be back, and for the first time ever, it will end with a LAN event.

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