A recent data breach at Acer appears to have resulted in the theft of 160GB of various documents and files, which the hackers intend to sell.

Acer, a Taiwanese computer manufacturer, has confirmed an extensive data breach. However, the company’s investigation into the hack reveals that no customer data was compromised and that only server information for repair technicians was compromised. The confirmation comes after a hacker put 160GB of data up for auction on a popular hacker forum, claiming that it was stolen.

The hacker asserts that the data includes “confidential” internal slides and presentations, staff documentation for technical support, Windows images, product information across multiple devices, “tonnes of BIOS stuff,” and additional files. The threat actor provided screenshots of schematics for an Acer display and other sensitive documents to demonstrate the authenticity of the data breach.

The data will be sold to the highest bidder under the condition that payment is made using the untraceable cryptocurrency Monero.

The information was stolen around mid-February of this year. Acer provided BleepingComputer with a statement indicating that “unauthorised access” occurred on a document server for repair technicians.

This would explain the 160GB of Windows ISOs, binary files, and technical support documentation and lend credence to the assertion that no “consumer data” was stored on the in question server.

According to the hacker’s forum post, 655 directories and 2,869 files totaling 160GB were compromised.

Acer is one of the largest computer and hardware companies in the world, and this data breach follows a ransomware attack on the company’s financial documents in 2021. And as we’ve seen in recent years, hackers actively target prominent organisations.

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