Early Access for EVERSPACE 2 launched on January 18, 2021, after a total of five years in development. Putting out an Early Access build so they can get user feedback and shape future development around it. A trailer with the premiere date and plot summary was posted online on February 6.

Website text reads, “As a small indie team to creating a full-blown open-world space looter shooter as an ambitious AA PC game with EVERSPACE 2, we need your help more than ever.” ROCKFISH, which began as a AAA mobile game studio, expanded into PC games in 2014. To fund development of EVERSPACE 2, the developers launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2019, successfully raising over $550,000.

In order to keep the community invested in ROCKFISH, the developers have been holding live streams on their YouTube page, where they answer questions and discuss the game’s latest updates and changes since the game’s initial release of its alpha version. Over eighty-seven per cent of more than five thousand Steam reviewers had a favourable impression during Early Access. Concept art for various spacecraft and world generation have been released by the developers throughout Early

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EVERSPACE 2 release date

EVERSPACE 2 release date

ROCKFISH Games has put a total of five years of effort into the development of Everspace 2, with two of those years spent in Early Access. Everspace 2 is our largest and most ambitious project to date, and it is the product of this effort.

With the announcement of our release date, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of when our incredible community and players all over the world who are new to the franchise will be able to experience this adventure that is filled with gorgeous, appealing spaces and local battles – beautiful locations outside space to investigate.

We have committed a sizeable portion of our eight-figure budget to the development of the video game that we have always dreamed of making, and the team is currently putting in a lot of effort to finalise and perfect all of the content before the game is released. Even after the final chapter of the history of Everspace 2, there is so much more to discover Access.

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Here are a few of its most notable characteristics:

Here are a few of its most notable characteristics:
  • Initiate an exciting adventure in which you will learn about strange new species, unravel mysteries, unearth hidden treasures, and protect your possessions from waves of enemies. But don’t get too confident, because there will be plenty of high-risk, high-reward areas waiting for you, where you’ll need serious driving skills, all your improvisational flair, and ultra-special gear to make it out alive.
  • Put the lasers to work for you. Take the fight to your foes in EVERSPACE by dodging their incoming fire and upgrading your weapons as you run, roll, and leave a trail of space debris in your wake. Combat drones, fighter jets, heavy bombers, powerful warships, and ships with large capitals using a wide range of weapons and abilities. If you’re outnumbered, don’t give up hope; instead, keep an eye on your surroundings, and use them to your advantage.
  • make up your own reality – Explore at your leisure in EVERSPACE. There are countless quests, events, and secrets to uncover in Cluster 34. Launch into interstellar adventure and leave your mark on the galaxy.
  • Choose your own adventure as you add to your personal ship collection from a seemingly endless ship inventory featuring several distinct ship classes and fine-tune your builds to perfection. You should mix and match modules, weapons, gadgets, and perks in order to achieve your current objectives.
  • There is epic loot to be found if you’re willing to keep your eyes peeled for the next best piece of equipment and evaluate your current setup frequently. Determine the best serve for your playing style, but be open to experimenting with other serves. To reach your full potential, you should be ready to identify and capitalise on the synergistic effects that exist between various pieces of hardware, structures, devices, and vessels.
  • A rise from poverty to affluence Becoming a part-time trader will allow you to fulfil your lifelong dream of travelling the world in search of the best prices on specific commodities. In any case, supply and demand determine price changes, so it’s wise to look at current offers before entering a new trading season. Be vigilant at all times.

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