First Kill is a new Netflix vampire series based on a short tale by V.E. Schwab that features horror, romance, and interesting characters. It’s wonderful to watch a show with two queer female characters whose love story unfolds against a backdrop of monsters, ghouls, and more, oh my!

For those who want a handy guide to follow along with, we’ve summarised the entire season below, so maybe if you have any questions or miss something while watching, we’ll be able to help you figure it out!

First Kill is about a hunter and a vampire who, despite all odds, fall in love and must struggle for their romance while their families strive to keep them apart.

1-8 Episodes Recap Guide

The first episode of First Kill is titled First Kiss.

First Kill Season 1 Recap Guide

Juliette Fairmount (Sarah Catherine Hook) is a fairly ordinary adolescent with one exception: she’s a vampire.

A scorching little montage of blood and a steamy make-out session between Juliette and her ultimate love interest, Calliope “Cal” Burns, opens the first episode of First Kill (Imani Lewis). Juliette states in her voiceover narration after jolting up in her bed that it looks to be part of her dream, which she says happens frequently.

Juliette’s morning routine appears to be very typical. She welcomes her family, including her father Sebastian (Will Swenson), mother Margot (Elizabeth Mitchell), and elder sister Elinor (Gracie Dzienny), who arrives after a late night in a magnificent yellow evening gown, cutting a statuesque figure.

Episode 2 of First Kill recap: First Blood

First Kill Season 1 Recap Guide

The celebration ends in a matter of seconds, picking off where we left off with that unexpected revelation at the end of the first episode. When the cops come, the lights go off. Cal panics and rushes home, but it’s Ashley Stanton he needs to be worried about, not Juliette (Sarah Stipe).

Ben discovers her on the floor on the edge of death, and Ashley succumbs soon after, while Juliette slinks out of the party unnoticed.

I imagine a stake through the heart won’t be enough to kill a legacy vampire the way the Burns did the vamp at the cemetery. Cal also discovers that Juliette’s bite mark on her neck has disappeared.

Meanwhile, a hideous monster known as a “Shambler” infiltrates the Burns home and begins destroying everything in its path. Apollo, Theo, and Talia quickly destroy the creature, but not before disclosing that the Shambler was on the lookout for something—a “Summoner,” which Apollo discovered at the graveyard and brought home. “Clearly, I had no idea what it was.” Apollo, you definitely shouldn’t carry any strange monster relics home with you!

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Episode 3 of First Kill recap: First Fight

First Kill Season 1 Recap Guide

Cal has a dream that she is in the Garden of Eden with Juliette in the third episode of First Kill. Juliette in her dream reveals that they’re now tied because of the bite. Cal admits to being perplexed, but she has feelings for Juliette, who is unlike any of the monsters she’s seen previously.

The Burns are prepared to kill Juliette’s entire family as the Fairmount prepare for Juliette’s consecration ceremony, which includes a hard training session.

Juliette begs Elinor for her blood pills, which she has hidden. Juliette shouldn’t need them now that she’s had her first murder, right? However, the capsules are insufficient.

Episode 4 of First Kill recap: First Date

First Kill Season 1 Recap Guide

Given how the last episode ended, it’s no surprise that First Kill episode 4 begins with the hunters assaulting the vampires and Juliette and Cal fleeing in terror. Cal is attacked by Cook, who has caught up to her. The hunters’ new guns, however, do not operate. All of the vampires they’ve “killed” awaken a short time later.

While Juliette and Cal battle Cook and, thinking him to be dead, throw his body into the back of the car, Oliver and Elinor confront Tess’s parents and kill them after a skirmish.

The slaughter does not happen as planned, but the Burns is not entirely unsuccessful. During the battle, they manage to kidnap Oliver. Tess has been abandoned.

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Episode 5 of First Kill recap: First Love

First Kill Season 1 Recap Guide

Cal and Juliette are on the run in the fifth episode of First Kill. They eventually arrive at school, where they clean off in the locker room before heading to the stage to put up the sets for the school’s Romeo and Juliet production.

The two sit on the stage bed and talk about their prior experiences, solidifying their friendship even further.

They fall asleep in bed, and Juliette and Cal phone their parents the next morning to ask for permission to spend a regular day together. For hanging out with their sworn adversary, Margot and Talia are as enraged as their respective daughters.

Episode 6 of First Kill recap: First Severing

First Kill Season 1 Recap Guide

At the start of First Kill episode 6, another school meeting is convened. The consequences of zombie-death Ashley’s is major, with press coverage and more, but this time it’s for Noah, as the townsfolk have become fearful following the terrible murders of two adolescents.

Talia is enraged that Cal is hanging out with Juliette again, and she declares that they are leaving Savannah as soon as possible. Talia and Margot are summoned to the police station with their daughters to speak with officers, who have video of Cal and Juliette roaming the halls around the time of Noah’s death.

They want to know if the girls saw anything unusual, especially since Noah’s spine was severed from his body.

Recap of First Kill episode 7: First Goodbye

First Kill Season 1 Recap Guide

Cook’s body is discovered in the penultimate episode of First Kill season 1. The police are now formally concerned about the growing number of bodies. Ben, Phillipa, Juliette, and Cal are among the kids interviewed by cops at school. Bunny is also suspected of spray-painting the Fairmounts’ garage door, according to the opening voiceover narration.

MAAM has grown significantly more watchful at school, with full-fledged protests and everything. Juliette begs Ben to stop Bunny from bothering her.

Meanwhile, Cal assures Juliette that her family will look after her. They no longer wish to conceal their connection. Of course, Jack and Talia are upset that Cal brought Juliette home, but they eventually agree not to inform the cops that Juliette killed Cook in order to preserve Cal’s life.

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First Betrayal is the title of the eighth episode of First Kill.

First Kill Season 1 Recap Guide

In First Kill episode 8, Cal is the first to arrive at the pub. As Cal and Apollo arrive home, Juliette pledges to take care of things and get Theo cleaned up. She discovers Elinor’s lipstick in the parking lot on her way out.

However, things take a pretty strange turn after that. When Cal and Apollo get home, Theo is still alive and well at the dinner table, but acting strangely. Things grow increasingly odd when Theo becomes ill over supper. When he returns to his room and looks in the mirror, he notices that his fangs are sprouting! Theo is a vampire, of course!

When Juliette returns home, she confronts Elinor, and the two have a very vicious fight. Juliette is fed up with Elinor’s cruelty and her indifference to the people she harms. Elinor drops her storage key in Juliette’s dresser drawer, which Juliette sees.

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