When the second-generation Nest Hub was shown in March 2021, Google stated that Sleep Sensing would eventually cost money. Sleep tracking will now be free for one more year instead of being scheduled to launch in 2023.

Sleep Sensing is “free through 2023,” according to a recent change to the Nest Hub’s product page on the Google Store. The previous version of the preview was “free till 2022,” as stated by Google in November of 2021.

In 2024, Google “plans to integrate Sleep Sensing into Fitbit Premium.” The business has not provided any information on what that implies, but one intriguing combination would be mixing sleep data from the Nest Hub with the Pixel Watch and Fitbit devices our trackers. Google Fit previously made it possible for wrist-based heart rate data to be displayed with other Nest Hub sleep statistics with the release of Health Connect last month.

Nest Hub Sleep Sensing is now free through 2023


As far as accuracy goes, we’ve found that Soli radar-powered Sleep Sensing is on par with wrist-derived numbers. You can learn about your various sleep phases (Awake, REM, Light, and Deep), as well as whether you snored or coughed during the course of the night. The Nest Hub keeps note of additional noises and changes in lighting that might have woken you up. Sadly, the room temperature measurement is still only available for use with Sleep Sensing and cannot be used on-demand for other purposes.

For individuals who don’t want to wear anything on their wrist, it’s a decent sleep monitor. However, it’s not quite apparent whether or not Sleep Sensing is worthwhile to purchase if a customer already owns a smartwatch they wear to bed. In the future, Google will demand Fitbit Premium, which now costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

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