Goblin Slayer, an anime released in 2018, demonstrated how harsh and unforgiving the show’s grim fantasy world can be. This film is based on a light novel by Kumo Kagyu called “Goblin Slayer,” which tells the story of a man whose one and only goal in life is to kill every last goblin in existence. Goblin Slayer’s simplistic premise belies the depth of its gameplay, characters, and plot.

At first, the reception to Goblin Slayer’s light novel was positive; it was ranked fifth best in its category in the “This Light Novel Is Amazing” guidebook. Having done a fantastic job of adapting the source material in its first season, viewers are eager to see what the show has in store for them in season two. If you count yourself among them, read this for information about Season 2 of Goblin Slayer.

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When will the second season of Goblin Slayer be available to watch?

The second season of Goblin Slayer will premiere in 2023, but when exactly remains to be seen. The official trailer for Season 2 merely mentioned some time in 2023 without giving a specific date. Season two could follow its predecessor’s lead and premiere in the fall, but it’s entirely possible that it will premiere much sooner.

Despite some criticism of the first season, a second is set to begin filming in 2021. Streaming platforms had to issue apologies and content warnings after viewers complained about the show’s graphic depiction of sexual assault in the pilot. Regardless, Goblin Slayer has been renewed and will be back on TV after a long absence.

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All the Information Currently Available on Goblin Slayer

Still, the show’s Manga has about 12 volumes, so it’s obvious that the anime is going to have to catch up soon. Where will Season 2 of Goblin Slayer be produced?
The second season of Goblin Slayer will not be produced by White Fox, but rather by Liden Films. They’re the studio behind shows like Berserk and Tokyo Revengers, among others. Even so, the majority of the original production team will be back, albeit with some new faces in familiar roles.

Director Takaharu Ozaki will be elevated to chief director, and Misato Takada will take his place. Series composition will once again be handled by Hideyuki Kurata, and music composition will be handled by Kenichiro Suehiro. As with the first season, the voice actors for Goblin Slayer: Season 2 are the same.

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When and where can we catch Goblin Slayer, Season 2?

If the second season of Goblin Slayer is anything like the first, you’ll be able to stream it on services like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu. Since the specific airing locations have not yet been confirmed, these are still tentative. While you’re waiting, check out the first season on one of the aforementioned streaming services. Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown, meanwhile, can be watched on Amazon Prime Video.

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