Google wants to connect its Bard AI chatbot to its popular search engine so that users can talk back and forth with search results in the future. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said this (opens in new tab).

Pichai didn’t give many details about the integration, but he did say that users would be able to directly interact with its large language models (LLM) through its search engine.

For people who don’t know much about AI, this is the technology that lets the Bard chatbot predict reasonable answers and keep a conversation going.

Google's Plan to Add AI to Its Search Engine Could Kill Bing's Growth.

Google is testing a number of new features, including one that lets users ask follow-up questions to the ones they originally asked. It is working on adding AI features to Gmail and other products for work.

“Will people be able to ask Google questions and interact with LLMs while searching? Absolutely,” Pichai said.

Analysis: Google Aims to Keep Its Lead


Google has been the most popular search engine for a long time. It is used for almost 90% of all searches around the world. This makes it even more embarrassing that it hasn’t been able to use AI-powered chatbots as well as Microsoft’s ChatGPT-enhanced Bing search engine.

When we tested them side by side, the answers were about the same quality, but Bard’s rollout has had some embarrassing problems.

A Planet Without Google Search - CNET

For example, Bard said (during a live event) that the James Webb Space Telescope was used to take the first pictures of a planet outside of Earth’s solar system. The Very Large Telescope at the European Southern Observatory is responsible for this.

Pichai said that Google plans to keep making the chatbot better by adding new AI models. He didn’t say when Bard will be free to use, though. Google gave everyone access in March, but there was a waitlist (here’s how to join).

Pichai didn’t say when Bard would be added to search, but we’ll probably learn more about how the company plans to use AI in its products at Google’s I/O 2023 keynote on May 10.

If Google’s presentation shows that it is still in the lead, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s statement to the Journal that “a new race is starting with a completely new platform technology” may be proven wrong.

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