Before Warner Bros. Discovery reveals their official plans for the new HBO Max/Discovery+ combined streaming service next month, as previously announced, a new report reveals intriguing details. Bloomberg reports that when the new service launches, it will maintain the same pricing as HBO Max, $10 for an ad-supported tier and $16 for an ad-free tier, while adding a $20 tier with higher video quality and other features. The publication reports that these plans are still subject to change prior to the imminent unveiling of the service, which will simply be called “Max.”

“Thousands of titles” from Discovery’s “library of unscripted lifestyle shows,” i.e. their Discovery+ content, will be added to the Max streaming service as one of the most significant additions. Warner Bros. Discovery has indicated that, contrary to initial reports about the combined service, Discovery+ will continue to operate independently and will not be completely merged into Max. WBD plans to release additional information about its combined HBO Max-Discovery+ streaming service on April 12.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav stated on the company’s most recent quarterly earnings call, “We’re excited about the fact that we’re going to combine all of the Discovery content with the HBO Max content on a much better platform.” “As a storytelling company, however, the key to our success is our diversity….We have the ability to choose from all of these different baskets to build what may be most important to us, a successful and profitable streaming business. HBO Max, or whatever we decide to call it at launch, is a global product that has a significant impact on how people consume content. We believe this because we believe we offer the best selection of content, portfolio, and quality. We are currently curating in a manner that has an effect on America.”

He added, “Consequently, I believe this is essential to our long-term strength. In addition, we have the largest TV and film library and are the largest producer of high-quality content in the world. In order for us to be successful as a media segment, it is crucial to sell this product in order to generate free cash flow and support the segment as a whole.”

In approximately one month, we will have all the official information regarding the combined HBO Max/Discovery+ streaming service posted here.

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