The team then went over what’s new for “in-game, out-of-game, and anti-cheat features,” adding the usual disclaimer that plans can always change.

“Before we announce the roadmap, we’d like to thank everyone for making PUBG what it is today,” the team wrote in a forum post.

“Even though it’s hard to believe that it’s been 6 years, we think that everything we’ve done is because our players have been so helpful and given us so much feedback. Seeing how much you all enjoy PUBG has always been the most important thing that keeps us going.”

The update starts with the news that the team will “review our journey and re-examine the features we made in our early days.” This is because “players, trends, and playstyles” have changed since PUBG came out six years ago.

The team confirmed that most of us stick to the tutorial, normal match, ranked, and “other modes with different in-game rules.” This is where the “revamp” will start, along with the addition of a “seamless connection” so that players can “transition smoothly from tutorial to normal match to ranked and other modes.”

The team says, “This year, we will be focusing on Normal Match in particular.” “We think that Normal Matches need to be healthy and immersive so that PUBG can stand the test of time. If we give players the chance to fully experience the core gameplay of PUBG in Normal Matches, they will be more likely to keep playing and look for new things to do.”

So, the team wants to “reduce stress and increase enjoyment overall.” They plan to “reduce the tedious early phase and ultimately shorten the playtime to increase the pace” by making it easier for items, Blue Zones, and vehicles to spawn.

We should also see a new way to bring people back to life. The new system, which is different from Comeback BR, will “ease the frustration and burden of dying after a long farming time.”

The developers will also make sure that all of the existing 8km maps are now playable in Ranked mode. Once the system is stable, new maps will be added. You’ll also soon see Normal Match items like Blue Zone Grenade, Folded Shield, and Emergency Pickup in Ranked, but don’t look for the new revive system or self-AED any time soon.

Go to the official website to learn more, including about esports and changes to how guns work. You can also read about the new map, Neon, and how PUBG wants to make it easier to find and join games.

The next update for PUBG: Battlegrounds, 22.2, is out now for PC players, but console players will have to wait until March 23 to get it.

In addition to the usual quality-of-life improvements and weapon balancing (this time, the AUG, M16AF, Mk47, Mutant, and P90 will be rebalanced), there will be new items to celebrate the game’s sixth anniversary and a new care package weapon called the FAMAS.

Also back is Intense Battle Royale, which has a new way to play for people who like faster, more intense matches.

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