As governments around the world worry more and more about TikTok, its competitor Instagram Reels is getting a series of updates that producers will find useful. Meta revealed today that it is making changes to Reels, including adding a place for trending audio and hashtags, making Reels editing tools better, adding new metrics, and more.

With this new update, Reels creators will be able to see which songs are most popular. They will be able to see how many times the music has been used and then tap it to use it themselves or save it for later. Creators will also be able to see which themes and hashtags are the most popular on Reels.

Creators need to go to their Professional Dashboard and choose the “Check today’s Reels Trends” choice to get to the new place for trending content. They will then be taken to a page called “Reels Trends” where they can find popular audio and hashtags.

Instagram's new dedicated page for trending audio and hashtags

The company says that the new section is meant to help creators find out more about what’s popular right now so that they can make their own material better and stay on top of trends.

In the coming weeks, Instagram will let creators in more countries use its Gifts tool to make money. The feature will be made available in Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and the UK. Gifts was tested for the first time last year.

It lets fans directly give money to their favorite creators in the form of themed virtual gifts. The gifts can be bought in the Instagram app with the virtual money Stars. They can cost anywhere from 10 stars to several hundred stars.

Also, the social network is adding a new tool that will show creators which fans sent them gifts. When creators tap on the new heart icon next to a fan, that person will get a message that the creator saw their gift and appreciated it.

Instagram's new editing tools for Reels

Creators will also find it easier to edit their Instagram Reels now that the app has combined video clips, music, stickers, and text into a single editing screen.

The company says that this change makes it easier for creators to align and time parts of their Reels to the right times in a more visual way. Instagram is going to add more tools that will make it easier and simpler for artists to edit Reels.

Creators will also have access to new Reels insights that will help them figure out how well their work is doing.

Instagram's new Reels metrics

First, Instagram is adding a new “total watch time” measure that shows how long a reel was watched in total, including any time it was played over and over again. Second, creators will have access to a new “average watch time” metric that shows the average amount of time spent watching a reel.

This is calculated by dividing the number of times a reel was watched by the overall number of times it was watched.

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