Bikes will be powered by them. He then transports the haul back to his workshop in Nairobi from which he sourced the items. Here he separates the functional cells from the nonfunctional ones. Waweru puts them together to form a battery that can juice up electric motorcycles. After experiencing some issues with a new bicycle, he was motivated to develop this improvement. “I had to import one because nobody was selling electric bikes in Kenya.

“He says. “Lead acid batteries were included. However, the technology eventually rendered the batteries useless after only a few months. My bike, of course, stopped functioning, so I was once again confined to my house and unable to commute to work. Thanks to my resourcefulness and creativity, I was able to find reasonably priced batteries, which led me to the laptop variety.”

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To meet demand for his laptop-battery-powered bicycles, he established Ecomobilus.

To meet demand for his laptop-battery-powered bicycles, he established Ecomobilus.

Ecomobilus bicycles have many advantages over traditional gas-powered bicycles. Primarily because of the regular upkeep prices. “Since the engines are gone and we’re dealing with motors instead, the Ecomobilus bikes require no upkeep,” he says.

Second, the cost of charging is significantly less than the cost of fuel. We estimate that we spend less than $3 per full charge, while the bodabodas (motorcycle taxis) spend over $7 per day on the same bike. If you’re looking to save money, this is the way to go, and if you’re concerned about upkeep, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s incredibly simple to do so with this.

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Those whose profession it is to transport packages and goods

Couriers and delivery drivers use them all over the city. They claim to have saved money by switching from gas-powered bikes to these electric ones. “The other one was costly in both fuel and time, but the electric one uses less of each, is more efficient, and has allowed me to stop buying and using fuel entirely. John Mwangi, a driver, claims that he can get by all day on just two dollars’ worth of tokens. About six months have passed since he first started riding the bike.

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Even electric mobility expert Dennis Wakaba approves.

The lifespan of an electric vehicle improves with new batteries, but climate change mitigation plays a huge role in the importance of using secondary batteries. First and foremost, you avoid the costs associated with creating, assembling, and transporting brand-new batteries. In other words, “you are definitely saving a lot of emissions resulting from these processes,” he says.

The other has to do with facilitating the widespread adoption of EVs by facilitating the incorporation of secondary batteries in e-bike and EV conversions. Now that internal combustion engines are obsolete, we can take steps to improve the environment by eliminating pollution released by their tailpipes. The other is through the reduction of noise pollution, which is known to have a positive effect on people’s health.

The batteries are readily available in Kenya and have environmental benefits; this makes them a viable transportation option for the country’s residents.


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