The newest Lenovo PCs have debuted at MWC 2023; however, they may be eclipsed by other products that joined them to Barcelona. The latest ThinkPads and IdeaPads may thus be grateful that their rollable displays are still in the idea stage, as the OEM has now confirmed.

The OEM’s cutting-edge devices retain their prior designs, but the idea laptop’s ability to remain steady and balanced as its display size automatically increases from 12 to 16 inches vertically is impressive.

Yet, we received a somewhat more in-depth look at the Motorola rollable smartphone prototype. It has an odd aspect ratio in its non-extended form and is notably thick in its current form. However, its display deployment mechanism makes up for this by exposing that it is partially wrapped around the phone, beginning with a magnetic wallet-like protrusion on its rear panel.

Hence, a portion of its display can serve as a secondary display or a selfie viewer for its two rear cameras. Yet, it appears that Lenovo is on the right track with its next-generation display technology, despite the fact that there is no assurance that a real-world first-generation rollable Motorola smartphone would resemble the prototype.

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