The Kickstarter campaign for Marvel United: Multiverse continues to reveal expansions that will make longtime Marvel fans go absolutely nuts. If you’re a fan of the original comic series, you won’t want to miss out on what’s in store in the Civil War expansion, one of the biggest new additions and based on one of Marvel’s most famous stories.

The exclusives are great, and there are new Captain America and Iron Man sculptures, as well as the giant Goliath miniature. The full Kickstarter project page is available for your perusal right here. In addition to the eight regular heroes—Captain America (Civil War sculpt), Iron Man (Civil War sculpt), Wonder Woman, Spectrum, Tigra, Kate Bishop, Yellow Jacket, and Goliath—the $40 expansion also includes two Kickstarter-exclusive heroes—Hulkling and Iron Spider.

Odds of 11 to 2 favour the Thunderbolts, aka the Dark Avengers. Once #2 with odds of 4:1, this is a major change. Now that we have a box full of heroes, I think we should get one full of villains and anti-heroes. Also, CMON is fully committed to marketing 00s plots, what with Civil War and War of Kings.

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Annihilation, also known as Marvel Cosmic, has odds of 5:4 (55.5%). Before, the odds were 2:9, placing it at #9. We are getting the impression that this is the type of box the campaign is trying to fit into. This is a huge event featuring a legendary antagonist, and it provides a perfect opportunity to include some lesser-known characters with a foundation in the ’80s and ’90s.

The Incredible Hulk vs. the Hulk – 9 out of 12 (52.9%). When we last looked, the odds were 3:17 and they were #10. With the declaration of civil war, it seems as though the value of this expansion has increased. It’s a mid-2000s celebration, and a chance to bring back both Hulk and She-Hulk from the base set and the S1 stretch goals, respectively.

The Midnight Sons and/or the Legion of Monsters: 7/11 odds (38.8%). Previously ranked #3 with 8/5 odds. This box seems to be further from CMON’s sweet spot than I originally thought, given that every other box has so far focused on a specific storyline from the 2000s. Now that we’ve unlocked Elsa Bloodstone as an extra goal, we might get some of these characters in the form of additional stretch goals instead of in a box. However, it could be hung on an event like Siege of Darkness and still has plenty of potential characters and 90s nostalgia. Not yet, at least.

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Even with the new Warriors, the odds are 3 to 8 (or 27.22%). Down from #7. The New Warriors carry more sentimental weight than most of my other predictions, and Speedball was intrinsically linked to the outbreak of the Civil War. There’s still a decent shot at this happening, especially since the Civil War box has to delve deeper into the Avengers cast to eliminate characters like Tigra and Yellowjacket.

The odds of encountering an eternal are two to seven (22.2%). Previous ranking: #5 at 4:1. Seeing an Eternal was jokingly described as a “roll of 4” on a D20 by one of the campaign’s CMON architects. One of the game masters has the odds, and I refuse to dispute them. Even with the unexpected announcement that The Eternals was Disney Plus’s most-watched movie of 2022, I believe this set can capitalise on MCU synergy. That’s shocking, especially since Doctor Strange premiered on Netflix in the same year, 2022.

2:9 odds (18.18%). (It was #6 with odds of 4:7 before.) Since the Young Avengers weren’t important enough to warrant the cover of their own DVD box, my expectations for the Runaways have plummeted. If fewer Young Avengers had been announced with Civil War, I might still have hope, because they actually shared a few crossover event titles with Young Avengers. Even so, the likelihood of that happening is decreasing.

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1:9 odds (10%). (Had the fourth-best odds, at 1:1.) Once again, this group is far too unknown to warrant a Young Avengers box. In addition, they have never played a significant role in a Marvel story (though they have appeared in Hickman’s incursions). With how obscure this team is, I’m guessing we’ll only see Hyperion.

The odds are 3:29 for Age of Krakoa, also known as Dawn of X (9.375%). (Had been #8 with odds of 4:13) Krakoa fashions seem too progressive for CMON to pin down, what with the company’s stubborn adherence to the decade of the 2000s. If we get an X-focused box, we’re much more likely to see a phenomenon like Messiah Complex (and could still include many Academy X heroes, but not Quentin Quire)

Power Pack (too obscure, not oos enough), Avengers Academy (more obscure than Young Avengers), Agents of Atlas (too new), and Doctor Strange Academy (too obscure) also don’t seem likely to appear (too new). As unlikely as it was before, I still don’t think Superior Foes of Spider-Man will happen.

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