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New Apple advertisements Include iPhone 14 Action Mode and iOS 16 Undo. Send in Messages


Apple has released two new advertisements that promote the iPhone 14’s new stabilization function and iOS 16’s ability to unsend iMessages.

The first advertisement depicts a man seated at a counter with a lizard he was caring for. The lizard appears to be deceased, and he regrettably notifies the reptile’s owner through text message. As soon as the lizard comes to life, the man immediately cancels the message.

iOS 16 added Undo Send, which allowed users to “unsend” a message up to two minutes after it had been sent.

The second advertisement depicts a mother racing alongside her son in a race while recording his performance on her iPhone 14. Even if the mother shakes the camera while running, the footage in the advertisement remains smooth.

Action Mode is intended to simulate the image stabilisation that is generally only possible with a gimbal.

Apple first demonstrated Action Mode in November.


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