Leo Tolstoy was right when he said, “Music is the shorthand of emotion.” No matter what is going on, music can always help people feel better and bring out the best in them. True wireless earbuds are popping up almost everywhere, and music is a big reason why.

There are too many options for buyers, and brands keep adding new models to their TWS range every day. Even more so when the earbuds cost less than Rs 2,000. The Oppo Enco Buds 2 is one of the new ones. We tried the Oppo Enco Buds 2 for a while, and here’s what we thought about them:


When it comes to how true wireless earbuds are made, it’s getting harder for brands to stand out. The Oppo Enco Buds 2 are the same in this way. They have a typical stem shape. The plastic earbuds fit easily in the ear and can be worn for a few hours without causing any pain or discomfort.

You also get three different sizes of ear tips, so you can find the best fit for your ears. The earbuds have a matte finish and a glossy finish around the ear tips. The ‘L’ and ‘R’ marks make it easy to find the right or left earbud.

On the top of the earbuds is a touch sensor that lets the user play, pause, or change the sound by touching it.

The circle charging case looks good because it has two different shades of the same color. The outside of the case is black, but the inside has shades of blue that look like the sky.

The case is made of plastic and has a matte finish on most of it. At the bottom, there is a shiny circle band.

There is also a USB port for charging the case down there. The matte finish on the outside of the case makes it impossible for fingerprints to stick to it. Since the earbuds are small and easy to carry, they are unlikely to fall out of your ears by mistake. You can also use them while working out.

The Oppo Enco Buds 2 seems to have a style advantage over its competitors in this price range.
The earbuds and case together don’t weigh more than 38 grams, and because they are so light, they don’t feel like much when you carry them with other things. But there is no USB charger for charging the speakers in the box.

The Buds 2 have a USB Type-C port, so you can charge them with any Type-C charger. It also has a battery light that goes red when the charger is plugged in.

Thanks to the “no-button” choice, you don’t have to hold down the button for a long time to connect it to the device. The only way to connect the speakers to other devices is through Bluetooth. One cool thing about the Oppo Enco Buds 2 is that you can take photos from afar by double-tapping on either side.

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