Samsung started rolling out the Android 13.1 and One UI 5.0 updates for the Galaxy Tab S8 series last week, but just for the 5G models at first. Europe is currently receiving the One UI 5.0 update for the Galaxy Tab S8 trio that only supports Wi-Fi. Users of the Galaxy Tab S8 series can recognize the update by its firmware version, Xx06BXXU2BVK4.

The Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab S8 base model does not appear to have received the update yet, although it should soon catch up to the Plus and Ultra editions. The same appears to have occurred with the 5G models, with the base model receiving the update shortly after its larger siblings.

Samsung DEX Improvements, Better Customization, and Performance

Samsung Is Now Releasing One Ui 5.0 For The Wi-Fi-Only Galaxy Tab S8!

These are some of the advantages of updating the Galaxy Tab S8 series to One UI version 5.0. Samsung DeX is now faster and has a built-in taskbar Finder, and you receive additional features such as Modes & Routines,

Enhanced lock screen customization choices, and many minor upgrades to Samsung apps that match the look of One UI 5.0. If you possess one of the Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab S8 tablets in Europe, an update notification should arrive at any time.

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Samsung Is Now Releasing One Ui 5.0 For The Wi-Fi-Only Galaxy Tab S8!

You can also attempt to initiate the update by launching the Settings app on your tablet, navigating to “Software update,” and clicking “Download and install.” Users of Galaxy devices who prefer manual upgrades via personal computers can, as usual, obtain the official Samsung firmware files from our website.

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